“Nothing is more important than preparing for the future- whatever it may bring.”
– Gregg

Step #1 15-Minute Phone Introduction Meeting

We start our process with a 15-minute phone introduction meeting to get to know one another to see if we might be a good fit working together.

Get started with YOUR intro call today.

Step #2 Discovery Meeting 60 Minute Office/Zoom Meeting

During this next meeting, we discuss your retirement vision. When do you want to retire? What will you do in retirement? What resources do you have for retirement? What are you most concerned about? We discuss building your personalized St. Louis Retirement Blueprint and what it can do for you.

Step # 3 Retirement Blueprint Meeting 30-60 minutes Office/Zoom Meeting

During this meeting, we review your personalized St. Louis Retirement Blueprint. We discuss any necessary modifications.

Then, you decide if you would like our help to carry-out your retirement blueprint by working together on an on-going basis.

Step #4 Regular update meetings 30-60 minutes Office/Zoom

We meet regularly to update your retirement blueprint and make any necessary changes to keep you on track!

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